About K4JFB

My name is Jeff. I am a new Ham Radio Operator and passed the Technician and General Exams on 7/29/17. My assigned callsign of KN4EXB became active on 8/1/17. My application for a vanity callsign K4JFB was approved by the FCC and was received on 8/19/17. I have an IT background which has spanned almost two decades from Desktop Support, Networking, Telephony, Web Development, Application Development and Project Management.

Currently, I am experimenting with VOIP connections and listening to local nets on the South West Florida repeaters.  I don’t talk much on the air at this stage as I am learning the lingo and protocols that the local hams are using.

Another interest I have with ham radio is the possibility of being part of the Broadband-Hamnet project. Exploring how to become part of this will be exciting since the Internet has become a vital mode of communication for everything. This project that helps provide a secondary backup to this vital piece of infrastructure is very interesting.