Update: Post Hurricane Irma

I have returned to SW Florida and overall we did well. Power is on at our house and there is no structural damage. My wife was safe at the hospital and the expected storm surge levels were low so most of the area was spared from any water damage from surging water levels. We are […]

Hurricane Irma

Last night my wife and I initiated our worst case scenario emergency action plan. We got the house boarded up and sand bags against the doors. I then headed out with the kids to go north with our essential items we want to keep. My wife is a NICU nurse and will be working at […]

Is DMR, Allstar or Echolink ham radio?

I have heard a number of passionate discussions related to DMR, Echolink and Allstar not being ham radio since it involves sending data across the internet. Being new to this hobby I will chime in with my perspective. I will note that I find far more people accepting of DMR than Allstar and Echolink while […]


I was introduced to digital amateur radio this evening. The local hams use DMR for the most part in this area, and we have a strong local DMR repeater that covers most of the County. My interest in radio and internet connectivity meshes well with how DMR works with the repeaters connected over the internet. […]

Baofeng F8HP

My first radio is a Baofeng F8HP. It transmits at 8 watts. I am using this with a j pole antenna hanging in one of my windows. I am wanting to move this to the attic but will need to do a coax run from the attic to the first floor and with the temperatures […]